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  • “do you g▓et a half holiday to-morrow●” “Sure,” I answered. “I〃埊m going to take Hans out for a moonlight vie▓w of the Pyramids.It’s full moon and all▓ the tourist companies are s●ending out tally-ho parties.●Want to go along” I did

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  • , of course.The nex●t afternoon I left the Asile i●n company with the pair.At the door of the o●ffice, I halted to pay my night’s lodging. S●pinners in the sun outside the▓ walls of Cairo Guests of the Asile Rudolph,● Cairo.Franois, champion b

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  • eggar, in the cent●er, in the cape he wore as part of his 〃埌system” 211“Never mind ▓that,” said Adolph, the man of exp▓erience, “we’ll sleep out there.” “Eh”● cried Hans and I. Adolph p

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guished a gathering had be en com▓monplace, the dancing
寻乌县 宁都县 安远县 石城县 南康市 瑞金市 赣州市 余江县 贵溪市 鹰潭市